Sunday, April 24, 2011

An Extreme Emotional Roller Coaster... exactly what this last month has been.  We have gone from the lowest of lows to extreme highs.

I haven't written because I knew that the next time I wrote it was going to have to be about Tyler.  I didn't (and still don't) have the words to talk about the absolute tragedy that everyone at Madison County has had to cope with.  On April 8th we lost one of the most kind, funny, cool kid I've had the pleasure of teaching and knowing.  Tyler was a great athlete, student, and club member.  He didn't care that it might not be cool for a boy to be an awesome sewer--he could whip up a pillowcase dress in no time (with perfect stitches I might add)..  He also didn't care that it might not be cool for a boy to be active in FCCLA--he made it cool.  He was all about some UGA so I used to give him a hard time asking him what frat he was going to be in.  Tyler Fortson Moon WAS a TFM.  I'll miss you kid!

But life has to go on.  We all had to find a 'new normal'.  That next weekend we had State Leadership Meeting and State STAR Event Competition.  The kids were fabulous!  3 of our 4 groups advanced to Nationals!!!
All my girls with the Falcons mascot

Life Event Planning girls with their visuals

Focus on Children girls in their costumes

All my girls and me before the Gala
(why yes, I did teach them the sorority squat)

My kids at Gnat's Landing on Friday night
Now time to figure out how we are going to raise the additional $4,800 we need to take EIGHT kids to Nationals!  Anaheim here we come!!