Sunday, September 12, 2010

meine neue Wohnung

More on the life update…  I just moved back into an apartment, but it is in a different complex.  I'm now living in the same complex as all my little sisters in the sorority.  We now have 4 swimming pools, a tanning bed, and a gym all for less than we paid at the house (plus water, tv, and internet are included in the rent.. shweeeet).  Most importantly Dooleys are allowed and loved in this complex.  

I'm still living with my friend from high school, Megan, but we are also living with Megan's big sis in her sorority, Jenna, and a girl name Katelyn.  I'm loving it so far except for the 'Jersey Shore'-esque girls that live below us, but that drama is better saved for another post. 

We (alright... mostly me) were super excited that we could paint in the new apartment!!  PUMPED!!  Photo tour of meine neue Wohnung coming shortly!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Ich bin zurück, ja wieder zurück

So I haven’t updated the blog in over a year because frankly I don’t really think that anybody actually reads it. However, due to my recent obsession with other people's blogs… I think that it is high time that I start posting again. No, I don’t have anything exciting like European adventures to write about this time, but I do have daily ramblings, random thoughts, and the ridiculous things that middle schoolers to tell all of my non-existent readers about. Let’s start with a life update…

I graduated last December from UGA. I started teaching Family and Consumer Science (a.k.a. Home Ec) at a middle school near Athens in January. I was also told that I would be the FCCLA sponsor and that they would like for me to take kids to competition. (Quick fact.. Region competition is in February). We threw together two projects and off we went to competition. One of the projects was a speech about the need for special training in order for kids to babysit children with autism. For the other project, we planned a wedding.

Little did I know how good of a job we did on those projects. Both projects advanced to state competition. Now, I'm not going to lie.. I found this very stressful. Now that meant that I had to take 4 kids to Athens for 3 days, get a hotel, stay overnight in a hotel, as well as work on these projects for another month. I was very happy that my kids were experiencing success but I, as a brand new adviser who was faking it til I made it, was stressed. Just stressed.

March and state competition rolls around and my kids compete. At some point during this weekend my kids learn that if you win state you advance to national competition.. WHAT?! There is a national level?! I certainly didn't know about that, but I wasn't too worried. I told myself there was no way that a project that had been thrown together in 2 weeks would win state. These FCCLA people are pretty serious about their STAR Events and I was the new kid on the block. Well.. we won! Chicago here we come...

I ended up taking one of my middle schoolers and two of the high school girls to Chicago for a week this summer. While I found being 22 and responsible 24/7 for two 16 year olds and a 12 year old in a city the size of Chicago just a little bit intimidating, stressful, terrifying, etc., the girls and I both had a fabulous time. We got to do lots of sightseeing, eating, competing, and WINNING! My little middle schooler ended up winning nationals!! Here are some pictures from our adventure!

We have arrived!...and we had a very stylish ride to pick us up from the airport!

Dinner at Rainforest Cafe with my arch-nemesis. This is us making a mends but just a bit before I had turned around from giving our name and this thing was looking at me and it darted its tongue. I literally fell back and screamed. Needless to say, the kids though this was hilarious.

Bike tours! My favorite way to see a city!

Competition time! This is the cake I made to be a mini replica of the cake we chose for the project. We also had fresh flowers for the bouquet and I made a wedding dress to go on my American Girl doll to show the dress we chose. What can I say? We are winners.

Sears Tower Sky Deck... 133 stories up!!

Me with the girls at the Taste of Chicago in Bryant Park. Please notice the American Girl bag.. That belongs to the high schoolers. They bought a doll.

More about the new living situation and our family vacay to Veiques later. Stay tuned all you imaginary readers out there!