Saturday, February 12, 2011


Freakin' FCCLA... (that was for you Hannah)  This past week was FCCLA Week.  While I do not detest FCCLA like I did last year, it is still not my number one club.  At least I get paid to do it this year and boy did I earn my extra $2,000 this week!  Let me break down this week for y'all.. I'll try to keep the complaining to a minimum.  Please keep in mind that Wed-Sat, I had been at a FACS conference and literally worked on STAR Events every spare minute I had.  I'm just a little overloaded...

After our conferece wrapped up on Saturday, Mama and I went back to Bremen.  Sunday was really my only day to prep for the crazy week ahead as well as get some STAR events stuff done!    Sunday morning my lovely assistant, Daddy, and I donned our denim aprons (a gift from GATFACS...wtheck?!) and got to work making 120 cupcakes for Member Appreciation Day on Monday.  After we baked to our hearts delight, we went for a little run.  When we came back we stopped by Memommy's and D'Daddy's to go root through the barn.  I have a very distinct idea for our Chapter Service Display project for STAR Events and I needed some wood to make the display.  We found this great old door and a pair of louvered doors which we cut down to regulation size.  My dad worked hard to clean them up and he put the hinges back on them.  Look at all his hard work!  He got done just in time for the Super Bowl.  During the Super Bowl, Mama and I worked on cutting fabric for my 4th period class.  We started a new service project this week which I am super excited about!  They are making a quilt that will look like this...  It is going to be donated to a silent auction just like we did with the quilt that my kids made while I was student teaching.  I'm just a little bit hoping that Mama and Daddy might bid on it again, so I can have something to remember my kiddos by!

By the time we got done cutting out fabric, Xtina had butchered the National Anthem, the Black Eyed Peas had thrown down, the Pack had taken care of the terrible person that is Ben Rothelsberger, and it was far too late and I was far too tired to drive back to Athens. 

Monday I woke up bright and early (4 AM!!) to drive back to Athens, unload Dooley, hit Starbucks, and get to work.  Monday was Member Appreciation Day, so I utilized all of my Christmas presents and loaded up my cupcake displays!  They were a hit..especially my homemade vanilla butter cream frosting! 

Monday was also the day that the plague started to hit. Okay, I'm exagerating.. My throat started to hurt a little, but I blamed exhaustion and boy was I exhausted. I went home and CRASHED!

Tuesday was Hat Day for a $1 to raise money for CMN. It was a big success! We raised over $100!! I was extremely happy! Tuesday after school was the workshop for my students to do their lessons for the Focus on Children and Illustrated Talk projects for STAR Events. My girls developed a lesson to teach the kiddos about germs and the importance of washing their hands! They did SO GOOD! I was so proud of them!

After that wrapped up, I headed to Atlanta to meet up with Don for FCCLA Day at the Hawks. Neither of us had ever been to a Hawks game before, and, even though we lost terribly, it was a good time! It was great getting to catch up with him and hear all about his new big boy job!

Wednesday was "Wear Red and White Day" aka.. Ms Beltz is taking a break day.. Unfortunately this is the day that the plague took hold.  It hit me and Megan.. I was convinced it was strep.. I was dying..

Thursday was FCCLA Day at the Capitol.  We were a little uncertain if we were going to get to go or not.  It was supposed to snow that day and while the predicted temperatures made me think that it wouldn't be a big deal.. I was still a little concerned.  That morning I woke up to find that it had snowed, but all the roads were fine so we were going to Atlanta!  After some confusion about transportation (the county vehicle we were supposed to be taking was missing a seat.. A WHOLE SEAT!) and I got my coffee, we were on our way.  Our first stop of the day was the Capitol.  My kids got their picture taken on the stairs with Nathan Deal, went up to the 4th floor and did their scavenger hunts, got to sit in the Senate gallery, and then they got to go on the Senate floor and get their picture taken in the well!  Then we went over to the Coverdell Building and met with Mr. Bill.  Mr. Bill is my friend Sandy's dad who just so happens to be a Senator.  I feel that this is very convienient because well.. I couldn't even tell you who the Reps or Senators from Athens or Madison County are.  I'm still registered to vote in Bremen!  Mr. Bill did tell the kids who their Senator was and we popped over to his office while we were in the building! 

After we got done at the Capitol we headed over to Hard Rock where I had my favorite meal ever and we all got changed into our comfies!  After that we were off to the World of Coke!  So much fun!  I'm so glad I got to experience the new one with my middle schoolers!  I really got to appreicate it from the kids level!  They thoroughly appreicated the history of coke as well as the 4D movie and the tasting lab!  I had such a good group of girls!  They helped me forget how sick I really was, but it all hit me again on our way back to the school. 

When we got back I went and wrote up sub plans for the next day and called Mrs. Faye.  I would not be there on Friday because a) I was pretty sure I was running a fever, b) My throat was going to need to be removed, and c)I was sick and tired.. So Friday, instead of having a Spaghetti Dinner, I drove back through Atlanta for the 4th time in 5 days and went to the doctor.  The good news?  No strep.  The bad news... Its a sinus infection.. but now I have antibiotics and 2 days to rest and recoup!  Our FCCLA Dinner and a Movie Night was rescheduled for Monday so hopefully I will be over the crud in time to make a lovely Valentine's Day meal for myself and 30 of my favorite 11-14 year olds.. (What happened to my New Year goals?!) 

Today has been lovely.  I slept in and then I have sat on the couch all day and watched movies.. I think the TV powers that be knew I was sick and wanted to watch movies so they put only the good romantic comedies on.. Not the ones that make single people to jump off buildings, but the ones that actually make fun of themselves a little bit.. I appreciate that since I didn't really have the energy to make fun of them for them.  The best part of today?  I haven't done a lick of work or anything FCCLA related.  Its been amazing!  Sadly I know that I have to write a speech tomorrow, but I'll take it.. I just needed a day off.. Now off to Memommy and D'daddy's for Saturday Night Dinner! 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sorry Y'all

Well.. Basketball season ends and I'm struggling to find time to blog.  Please forgive me.. I'm a busy girl.

Last week was the GATFACS conference.  What a different a year makes!?  At that conference last year Hannah and I were commiserating about how much she hated her job and how much I was drowning.  This year Hannah was not there and I felt like I actually knew what people we talking about.  Looks like we both fixed our problems! Mama and I had a really good time!  Thursday night we met up with Mrs. Kathy for dinner and got to catch up with her.  On Friday, we met up with my childhood friend Tinsley and her husband.  Tinsley and I grew up down the street from each in Marietta.  Her mama had a daycare so that was where I stayed when I was little.  When we moved to Bremen, Tinsley and I stayed in touch by taking turns visiting each other.  I can honestly say that Tinsley was my first best friend.  Our visits stopped in middle school.. We both got really busy and just grew apart, but thanks the Facebook we reconnected!  This was the first time we had seen each other since we were about 12 so it could have been awkward, but it wasn't!  At all!  She is a stay at home mommy now (and yea.. I'm jealous much!) to a precious little 2 year old!  She has overcome so much and its my sincerest prayer that she has an easier ride from here on out.

More about this weekend and my ridiculously busy week once I have had a chance to sleep... I. Need. Sleep.