Thursday, December 15, 2011


Have you seen the new Jimmy Kimmel challenge video yet?  Its similar to his Halloween challenge which was funny all though the children were bratty.  However in my opinion, the results of this one were much, MUCH more disturbing.  (Except I do love the kids at time marker 1:40.. they're funny.)

What is happening?!  When did Christmas become just about presents (or only good presents)? 

I have seen lots of folks posting about embracing a 4 gift rule for their kids.  

L.O.V.E. it!  Granted I don't have kids, yet.  However, when I do.. this blog post will be here waiting for me as a reminder of WHY this is a good idea!  Christmas is about celebrating the birth of our Lord, not about getting every single one of the 50 items on your wish list.  Its about giving to others (as God gave Jesus to the world), not about receiving.    


  1. I really like this list of 4 categories. We usually make a chart with categories as well. I look forward to reading your adventures as well.


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  3. I absolutely agree, we will start this next year.