Wednesday, November 30, 2011

I'm Here!

Next time I take a break from blogging, I promise I will give y'all more of a warning.  I have spent the last couple weeks making my way back to Georgia and spending some much needed time with my family!

I got to make a trip to Athens and get my hair done at my favorite place.  I got to go to the movies with my folks.  I got to go to Youth Assembly and hang out with some of my Y-Club favorites.  I got to see my absolute favorites because they are awesome and came to Atlanta to meet me.  I got to see all my aunts and family.  I got to give all my Christmas presents (and get a bunch!).  I got to hike.

It was awesome!

On Monday, we packed up all of my stuff and Dooley and I got on the plane.  We got here early Tuesday morning sleep deprived and cold, but other than that things went very smoothly.  The Little Man loves adores Dooley though I do still have to hold Dooley when she is around him because she is nuts a little excited.  Dooley is adjusting.  I think she is still trying to figure out where she is and why Mama and Daddy aren't here.  She gets really excited when she sees Stefan, Mareike, or Little Man, so for the most part I'm just keeping her in my room.  The road we live on dead ends into a field but there is a little dirt road that continues for a good long ways, so we have been taking walks down it.  
Our yard is also fenced in so she can be out there without the leash and get to run which is exciting for her.  

Yesterday we registered me with the village and today I had a meeting with the folks about my work visa--so I'm legal.  =D  I also have my phone all set up!  My number is 01145 176 9984 7580.  It is free for me if you call me, but I have no idea how much it will cost for you.. sorry!

In terms of the house, it is really nice.  Very modern and sleek.  My room is on the floor with the rest of the family's bedrooms, but my bathroom is down one level.  I have a HUGE bath tub which is SO exciting because I didn't think that I was going to have one at all!  All of our furniture is still making its way over, so we are all sleeping on air mattresses and sitting and eating on furniture that Stefan's family brought over for us!  I got all my stuff unpacked today and we found a shelving unit down in the basement that I put together (all by myself!!) so I have everything organized on that for the time being.  Thankfully all the stuff I sent with the air freight made it safe and sound so I have all my jackets and sweaters which I need because its HELLA COLD!  Its not below freezing yet, but its getting there.  

We won't have internet until next Monday at the soonest, so my blogging is going to be limited to our trips to McDonalds (barf).  I promise I will be back on track with my blogging once we actually have internet!  


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